About us
The Beginning:

Shortly after I got at 1997 my first Kartäusercat , I decided to visit a cat show.
After the visit of this exhibition i was fully infected with the kartäuservirus.
After the lecture of many books about cats, breeding and so on, i decided to get a tomcat and a catteryname to get my own kennel.
But this was not the end. It was followed by other exhibitions, but now as an exhibitor. Cats were added too. They you can see on the following pages. Over the years we've great success on exhibitions.
The best part is, when our own secondary growth are more successful than the parents. This happens far too often now :-). But hey, great parents, great babies.


At this time i've two and a half breeding cats and Otto our beautiful tomcat. Alfonzo, the tomcat before Otto, lives by us as castrato, he can't live without our daughter.
Wuschel (Giny Pünktchen of cool Ara), my daughters cat, complete our zoo.
My beloved first breeding cats, Corado v.d. Ravensbergen and Orchidee vom Bernsteinlicht, are gone over the rainbow-bridge.

Where does the cattery name come from:

Near our home there's a place named "Platz am wilden Eber"(The catteryname should have a reference to our home). These place you find in the nice
Schmargendorf, a small area from Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf in Berlin.
The "Platz am wilden Eber" would be shown in TV every year at the Berlin-Marathon(in german tv).
The most Special buildings are the church of the village
"Dorfkirche" build in the 14.ten century and the town hall "Rathaus Schmargendorf", built from 1900-1902. Furthermore, there is the "Schlange", a residential complex, through which runs a highway and the CHP Wilmersdorf.
BKH und Kartäuserkatzenzwinger
"vom wilden Eber"
BKH und Kartäuserkatzenzwinger
"vom wilden Eber"